Get rid of your worst customers so you can work with only the good ones

If you want to have all “good” customers, your marketing strategy needs to focus on bringing in only “good” customers

“Good” customers are the ones willing to pay top prices, follow every word you say, buy your products and upgrades, be open to new ideas, and always happy.

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During my first meeting with business owners, I ask them to tell me about their customers. Many of the answers are positive, but I also hear answers like:

  • my customers pay late
  • they always beg for discounts
  • they always have problems
  • they ask their money back … etc.

Usually the next question I ask these business people is why do they even deal with them?

“Because it doesn’t matter how they are, they pay the bills”.

N-O! Just like firing a “bad” employee; you have to fire your “bad” customers. Immediately!

You have to review your customers list every 3 months, and get rid of the bottom 5%. That means the ones who are always trouble. The ones who are not satisfied, give off a negative vibe, who are always paying late and constantly ask for discounts. These are the ones that may tell their friends that they are having a bad experience, or write a negative internet review about you.

Get rid of them.

I always avoid business contact with this kind of client. It might seem arrogant at first glance, but it’s because I respect them—and myself. And I know they won’t make this business relationship easy.

Why did you start your business? Because you love it and you want to enjoy it— to finally take control of with whom you want to work. Enjoy it then, don’t stress out on bad customers.

How do you attract “good” customers?

If you have a few problematic customers, you might ask yourself why you are attracting these kind of people?

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The answer is in your marketing.

If your marketing message is just telling potential customers about your pricing or discounts, if you offer “cheap products or services”, then we know the root of the problem. If you are telling customers nothing else about your products except the price, that’s bad.

What else can cause “bad” clients?

It doesn’t help you select between “good” customers or “bad” customers if your marketing message is too generic. Imagine your “good” customers —picture a conversation with them. Now write your advertising and conduct your interviews with potential customers as if you were talking with them.

If you are creating flyers to promote your offer, don’t address your flyers to someone who is not your ideal client, asking them to buy from you. When I start to work with a client, I ask how motivated they are. If it’s less than 5 on a 10 scale, I don’t work with them. They are just not ready for a marketing consultation.

This won’t just help you get rid of the “bad” customers; you will create a much more positive and motivated environment in your company, and make your current “good” customers happy to be part of such a positive vibe.

Focus more on “good” customers in your marketing

Think about what is good in your product for your “good” customers. Ask them! These will be the things you have to include in your marketing messages, in order to focus on what the “good” customers are looking for, and attract them. Plus, it will make you stand out your competitors, because they still communicate with the old, boring, average marketing message.

So get rid of your bad customers, and shift your marketing to bring in the “good” ones. Let the “bad” guys go to your competitors!

Now stop reading, and start creating

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