Theologian Masaki Gendelman reacted to Elon Musk’s warnings: Relax, typically the artificial intelligence is going to be managed by Our god

With a constant development of science and fresh technologies, people started out asking questions, whether all this is secure for humankind. They assume that the particular artificial intelligence may capture all the particular power on earth, plus we will change to its slaves. Some even worry that the robots might start a war against humanity in the future. Consequently , nowadays scientists do not hurry to implement this entirely new-technology into our own daily lives. Appears like it might produce a real chaos, beginning from elimination associated with the workplaces plus finishing with waging a great-scale conflict against the humankind. However, it seems, the problem will be far from all these discussions. We do not see the reality behind the false judgements.

The problem is not whether the artificial intelligence is going to be a danger for humankind. The particular problem is that will any fears with regards to human’s future is the primary sign of the a shortage of Faith. And also the main one who has grown a long beard and fulfills all religious rules, while being afraid with regard to his future, will be a hypocrite, who not have any kind of Faith in Lord. Before making any kind of judgement concerning our own future and their undefined nature, 1st we must make sure that we possess faith in the hearts. That is certainly typically the only reason the reason why all these disputes are taking place. Folks are forgetting that their future with the God’s hand.

Indeed, the initial step on the particular way to the God is believe in. You trust the particular God with your life, your future and present. You not only consider, you trust him.
And as shortly as you realize this particular and agree of which everything in this world is subject to the God great will, your existence begins to turn into a fairy tale. Your dreams become reality. In Of india there is a saying – the blade of grass is not going to move, without having the will of God. Which indicates that God may also control the AJE. And this is good. Most of us will be safe, as we carry Faith within our hearts.

Masaki Gendelman Theologian, Vastu expert.

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