Relying on name viral content is type of content that is shared by users fast and on a massive scale. The difference between viral content and just interesting/quality/original content is that viral content covers huge audience. Examples of viral content are Harlem Shake videos or cute little dog Boo. Harlem shake videos have millions of views, Facebook page of Boo has thousands of fans and likes. Imagine if you were the author of such content, you company will get popularity/success/profit/clients immediately.

Thus, viral content is a key to brand awareness, traffic and eventually to clients. Of course it’s unlikely that you create content that will be able to drive attention of millions, but at least you should try. Quality content can work for website for several years, would it be viral or not depends on your ideas, imagination and efforts. There are several significant points that determine viral content.

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Let’s see how to make content viral.

1. Emotions. Emotional aspect is crucial for viral content. Viral content should trigger emotions. It’s less necessary to be useful or original, but it’s urgent to exert filling, thoughts, laughing, etc. Every advertising specialist states the emotional component is essential for effective advertisement, the same is the case for viral content. Finally users will share emotions, not article.

2. Don’t try to be outstanding and groundbreaking. You will have more chances to success if you analyse the most popular content of whole web or just within you niche and create something like that. It’s possible to repeat someone success.

3. Animals-Everyone likes funny pictures with animals. Cute little cats usually don’t leave somebody indifferent. So if you can use animals within you nice, go ahead and use them.

4. Header– If you don’t drive attention by header, nobody will read/watch you emotional and interesting content. Remember Michael Masterson “4 U” formula Urgent, Unique, Useful, and Ultra-specific. Header must meet these requirements and make users continue reading/watching. Creating of good header takes a lot of time.

5. Illustrations-Pay attention how content is presented. If it’s text, images, illustrations, visual examples are must have. Content should look attractive.

6.Catch the moment- Content should be actual. Monitor what is on the agenda. The best mind blowing topics give the idea of content. Follow the tendencies to create something willing to be seen or heard.

7. SEO– Don’t forget about content optimization, otherwise how users will know about great content and start sharing it? Even though content is not viral, quality content contributes to search ranking and boosts SEO at all.

8. Mobile– Be sure to adapt content to mobile devices. You will get more then half of traffic from mobile platforms.

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9. LOL– Lot of laughing. People cheerfully share something humorous. Humour units people, consequently, you can engage bigger audience.

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10. Experiment with ideas. Nobody knows for sure what will bring about the result. Try different types of content, but don’t forget about headers, emotions, and SEO.

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