LIEBHERR built-in appliances are an excellent solution for those who need to decorate the kitchen inside in the same type, whereas retaining the performance and helpful quantity of the refrigerator and freezer, as of their free-standing counterparts.

Advantages of constructed-in fridges LIEBHERR

The LIEBHERR installation expertise ensures dependable and correct integration of refrigeration and freezing gear right into a kitchen set. The special fastening of the door-on-door system, in which the furniture facade is attached on to the refrigerator door, has 4 fastening elements, which, in turn, are superbly embellished. At the same time, the fastening mechanism allows you to place the depth restrict cease both above and under.

The LIEBHERR assortment consists of more than a hundred fashions, among which everyone will discover a suitable solution for themselves. They are divided into recessed gadgets within the niche, underneath the countertop and installed on the ground.

The dimensions of niches for constructed-in appliances are standardized and fully correspond to the size of niches in furnishings.

It is feasible встраиваемый морозильник Liebherr to install a refrigerator or freezer in a prepared-made niche for embedding under an current worktop. The furnishings facade is attached to the fridge door using the door-on-door system. During operation, warmth change occurs via the plinth, so there is no want to provide a air flow grill in the work floor.

The LIEBHERR assortment includes a big selection of underneath-counter fittings: refrigerators with a freezer compartment, classic fridges, units with NoFrost automated defrosting and SmartFrost technology, wine cupboards and freshness zones. Models are offered that can be put in on the floor. An instance of such a tool is ECBN 6156. And additionally models of the luxurious Monolith sequence.

Correct placement of the device in depth within the area of interest is achieved by a particular lock, which ensures optimum door closing.

Appliances with a distinct segment top of one hundred forty cm or extra have two leveling strips on the left and proper within the lower half. This ensures the correct alignment of the instrument. This contributes to the optimal closing of the door and the correct operation of the gadget.

Differences in temperature inside and outdoors the equipment can result in condensation. To stop its formation, LIEBHERR fridges and freezers use a number of the warmth removed. For example, frontal heating across the perimeter prevents condensation within the space where the door seal fits. This provides important power financial savings as it isn’t wasted on heating.

The constructed-in shock-absorbing SoftSystem door closer makes the door motion smoother when closing, even when the fridge is full. Moreover, if the opening angle is less than 30 °, the door closes routinely.

The furniture facade is connected directly to the area of interest. It is connected to the system door with guides. When you open or shut a door, the facade slides over it.

The furniture front is connected on to the refrigerator door.

For the longest potential preservation of food fresh, a BioFresh part is provided; its distinction from containers in the refrigerator compartment consists in maintaining special conditions: a temperature of about 0 ° C and an optimum level of humidity. Thanks to this answer, you’ll be able to more usually indulge yourself together with your favourite fruits, greens, berries and dairy products, so as to go to the store much less often. In BioFresh, they keep not only their beneficial properties, but also their authentic style for a longer time.

In the freshness zone, it’s advisable to position merchandise that do not emit lots of ethylene. For this cause, for instance, tomatoes are finest positioned separately in containers of the fridge compartment, and all other greens and fruits in BioFresh. You can study more about BioFresh from the report of the skilled on household home equipment Daniil Golovin – within the video beneath. New accessories have been added to the refrigerator compartment to make on a regular basis use of the fridge easier.

The up to date transformer form allows eggs to be positioned with the sharp facet down, so they are saved longer than ordinary. It is appropriate for both rooster and quail eggs. The oiler is equipped with particular clamps that permit you to take it out with one hand. The fast-launch VarioBox supplies glorious organization of storage for small gadgets and a convenient overview of the contents. Small jars of jam, varied tubes of sauces could be arranged in the compact VarioSafe part. The freezer is provided with the NoFrost system, which lets you forget about guide defrosting forever.

The containers in the freezer have minimal gaps between each other and the walls of the freezer, which protects food from the affect of heat influences. You need to put in temperature and features can be activated utilizing the convenient touch management. A big selection of pre-set applications and settings guarantee maximum comfort for day by day use of the refrigerator. Efficient LEDs are used for optimum illumination of the inside.

The best specialists from Germany have been creating revolutionary and convenient options within the area of household refrigeration for 60 years. To ensure the reliability of all manufactured products, only the most effective materials and elements are used within the production. Each system is tested all through the entire manufacturing course of to ensure superior quality and performance. As the company strives to continuously develop applied sciences and optimize all elements, whereas taking note of the careful research and manufacture of every detail, it can always and with confidence guarantee the dependable LIEBHERR quality and the long service lifetime of the units.