Class Details for Spring 2020 Semester

Classes start the week of January 27th. Membership Registration should be completed before start of class during 2nd week.

Class Schedule:

Club Membership Fee for this Semester:

  • UA and other studentsĀ  : $25
  • Everyone else : $35

Club Membership includes access to all classes (depending on your level), all events organized by Ritmos Latinos (our dance parties) and other extras as decided by Club Executive Team based on availability of funds for the semester.

Location : Open courtyard South of Henry Koffler Building on UA Main CampusĀ 

Please pick ONE of the Beginners classes to stay with for the entire semester. We are having 2 beginners classes so that classes are of manageable sizes and members can get proper attention. Both classes will teach the same in the same week.


Class Details:

  • Tuesday Beginners Class will be taught by Nina & Robert
    Wednesday Beginners Class will be taught by James & Kristina
  • Intermediate 1 Class will be taught by Mike & Peggy (prerequisite – completion of Beginners class)
  • Intermediate 2 Class will be taught by Alfredo & Rachel (prerequisite – completion of Intermediate 1 class)
  • Rueda de bachata class will be taught by Peggy & Harshad (prerequisite – completion of Beginner class and concurrently enrolled in Intermediate 1). Location for Rueda de Bachata class: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Building inner courtyard on UA Main Campus. Address: 1130 N Mountain Ave, Tucson, AZ 85721.
  • Partner Salsa for Rueda Dancers by Samarrah and Jesus (prerequisite – completion of Beginner class and concurrently enrolled in any other Ritmos classes).

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