Ritmos Latinos Membership

Advantages for Members
As a member of Ritmos Latinos you have the following advantages:

1) You will be able to follow Rueda de Casino courses every week of the school year taught for free by enthusiastic salsa freaks.

2) You support the salsa environment in Tucson, thereby ensuring that it will be there for you in the future as well.

3) You will dance a lot of salsa and get to know lots of other people from the Rueda de Casino community.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for Ritmos Latinos is $25 per semester for UA, Pima and other students with valid ID, otherwise it’s $35 for everyone else. We’ll give you an email confirmation when paying for your membership online or a written receipt when paying for your membership in class with cash or check.


Ritmos Latinos also has a group on Facebook. You can search for or click on “Ritmos Latinos: University of Arizona“. This is the most frequently used and updated outlet for members, both former and current. You can check out pictures, videos, community events, extra practices and other events as well as see who else is in the salsa community!


Ritmos Latinos is on the gram! Follow us on Instagram. Share your stories with us with the tag @ritmoslatinosuofa

Salsa Tips

The best advise if you want to learn to dance salsa is to take classes and to practice the steps on the salsateques as much as possible. Salsa is fun at all levels and this should be your mindset. It is always nice to dance with an enthusiastic person.

BTW – you do not need a dance partner to take lessons – just go take the class – usually they will change partners all the time during lessons.
The salsa environment has been in Tucson for only a couple decades now, which means that you will have a fairly good chance of being among the best dancers fairly quickly if you are enthusiastic. We have provided a list (non-exhaustive) of the best places to learn salsa and where to go dance salsa, socially – enjoy – we hope to see you on the dance floor!


Of course we recommend you to follow courses by Ritmos Latinos, but if you are interested in learning other styles, go here:  www.tucsonsalsa.com/classes


Check out www.tucsonsalsa.com/clubs for a complete, updated list.